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    Ron Swanson Approved: 8 Xtreme Eats

    The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has just handed out their 8 Xtreme Eating Awards "dishonorees" for 2011. The winners, unveiled in their Nutrition Action Healthletter, include burgers topped with pork belly and fried eggs, meatballs stuffed with provolone, and grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with deep-fried mozzarella sticks. So unless you're Ron Swanson, eat at your own risk. [Via The BuzzBrewery]

    • 1. IHOP: Monster Bacon 'N Beef Cheeseburger

      IHOP: Monster Bacon 'N Beef Cheeseburger

      The International House of Pancakes makes their all-American Monster Bacon 'N Beef Cheeseburger with bacon mixed right into the beef. Which all sounds delightful but will cost you 1,250 calories, 42g of saturated fat and a full day's worth (1,590mg) of sodium. And that's before you add the sides, which can be up to 300 calories for seasoned fries to 620 calories for onion rings.

    • 2. The Great Steak: King Fries

      The Great Steak: King Fries

      The Great Steak is an Ohio-based cheesesteak chain. But the cheesesteak isn't what caught the CSPI's attention. Instead they focused on the chain's King Fries, which are smothered in with bacon, sour cream and "Philly Whiz." An extra-large King Fries rolls in at 1,500 calories, 33g of saturated fat and 4,980mg of sodium.

    • 3. Morton's: Porterhouse (Steak Only)

      Morton's: Porterhouse (Steak Only)

      This 24-oz (pre-cooked weight) slab of mouth-watering meat at the upscale Morton's chain comes out to around 1,390 calories, 36g of saturated fat and around 1,200mg of sodium, just for the steak alone. A side of mashed potatoes bumps that up another 850 calories.

    • 4. Denny's: Fried Cheese Melt

      Denny's: Fried Cheese Melt

      Described as "four fried mozzarella sticks and melted American cheese grilled between two slices of sourdough bread," with fries and some marinara sauce for dipping, this Denny's meal will set you back 1,260 calories, 21g of saturated fat and 3,010mg of sodium.

    • 5. Cold Stone Creamery: PB&C Shake

      Cold Stone Creamery: PB&C Shake

      This Cold Stone Creamery 24-oz. ("Gotta Have It") shake made with peanut butter, chocolate ice cream, and milk comes to 2,010 calories and 68g of saturated fat. It's like "drinking two 16-oz. T-bone steaks plus a buttered baked potato," according to the CSPI.

    • 6. Applebee's: Provolone Stuffed Meatballs

      Applebee's: Provolone Stuffed Meatballs

      Applebee's presents meatballs stuffed with provolone cheese with both marinara and Parmesan cream sauce. Eat this along with the garlic bread and you'll be stuffed with 1,520 calories, 43g of saturated fat and 3,700mg of sodium.

    • 7. Cheesecake Factory: Farmhouse Cheeseburger

      Cheesecake Factory: Farmhouse Cheeseburger

      This Cheesecake Factory burger comes topped with grilled smoked pork belly, cheddar cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo and a fried egg. And it shows in the numbers: For the burger only you're looking at 1,530 calories, 36g of saturated fat and 3,210mg of sodium. Add fries and you add another 460 calories.

    • 8. Cheesecake Factory: Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake

      Cheesecake Factory: Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake

      After you've downed your 2000-calorie cheeseburger with french fries, why dot top it off with Cheesecake Factory's Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake? They take a slice of red velvet cake, top it with a layer of cheesecake and then throw a second layer of red velvet cake on top of that. Oh, and then they add another layer of cheesecake on top of that. If it doesn't kill you, you'll have consumed an additional 1,540 calories and 59g of saturated fat.

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