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Not Your Ordinary Motivational Quote

At first this looks like an ordinary motivational quote. Nice and uplifting - perhaps even inspiring. It's only when you get really up close and personal do you really see what Adam Katz had in mind when he made this typographic project for Stefan Sagmeister's Things That I Have Learned In My Life. (Via The BuzzBrewery)

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  • Nice saying, but plain and ordinary. But it looks like something is up with it. We need a closer look.


    Well, something is going on here, but I can't tell what. We just need to get a little closer.


    That's right. Army men. 1,500 of the little green toy soldiers spray-painted dayglo orange and adhered to a New York City storefront window.

  • According to Katz, the piece remained up at 136 West 21st for over a month.

  • More info, including a making of video available at The BuzzBrewery