• Les Darcy

    Les Darcy, champion middleweight Australian boxer and blacksmith.

  • Teddy Roosevelt

    Before he was a badass President, Teddy Roosevelt was a badass at Harvard.

  • Ching Hook

    Boxer Ching Hook in high-waisted pants with a fighting attitude, 1888.

  • Orville Wright

    If you’re not busy later, Orville Wright would like you to see his new flying machine.

  • Hermann Rorschach

    Hermann Rorschach, c. 1910. This Swiss psychiatrist who developed the inkblot test that bears his name.

  • Gustave Dore

    Gustave Dore would like to come over and see his engravings.(No, this wasn’t taken in Willamsburg last week)

  • Anton Chekhov

    The Russian playwright and physician

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