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Man-Cans, Candles For Men

These ain't your mommy's aromatherapy candles. These are MANLY damn candles. For men who just want their stuff not to stink there are Man-Cans, candles for men. They smell like manly things. Stuff like sawdust, bacon, New York-style pizza, fresh-cut grass and Grandpa's pipe. Oh, and did I mention that the company was started by a kid with $100 he got from delivering newspapers and that he donates a portion from each candle to a local soup kitchen? True story. [Via TheBuzzBrewery]

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  • The Man-Cans

    Each man candle is made from recycled soup cans. Most of the time they buy soup cans and the soup is donated to a charitable organization. Sometimes cans are donated and portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.

  • Grandpa's Pipe

  • Sawdust

  • Fresh-Cut Grass

  • Bacon

  • The Lil' Entrepreneur, Hart

  • Man-Cans available here.