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Building Beer Brewing Bender

Good news, everyone! Somebody built a beer brewing Bender! Simon Jansen built a life-size cigar-smoking, beer-swilling, foul-mouthed, shiny metal assed robot capable of producing over 5 gallons of the future's finest Benderbrau. But does it bend? [Via The Buzz Brewery]

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  • Every good thing begins with a plan and the Beer Brewing Bender is no different. The basic plans were sketched out on a door and the basic frame is made from rings of MDF with round dowels to hold them together and provide a frame.

  • The body is insulated, covered in thin cardboard inside and out, then covered in fiberglass, sanded, and painted. The legs also have to be perfectly straight to hold all the Bender beer safely.

  • Building Bender's brain is a complex process that involves, for inside joke reasons, the circuit board from a Commodore 64 1541 5-1/4" disk drive. The end product gives beer brewing Bender lots of lights and sounds. Bender also get's his own nifty remote from the episode "War is the H Word."

  • After countless hours of detail work and one poorly placed spigot, beer brewing Bender is finally complete. Well, not COMPLETE complete. There's still the matter of actually brewing beer in him. (And, yes, Bender IS in front of a homemade TARDIS that plays video games. Obvs.)

  • Gathering everything together for the brewing process. Everything must be made very sterile.

  • Brewing away. But no bubbles makes Bender and angry Bender.

  • Bottling Day! Beer brewing Bender holds 30 750-mL bottles of the future's finest brew.

  • Ahhh...Benderbrau Cold-Fusion Steam Beer. How does it taste? Jansen says that it "tastes very green but it had a fair amount of body. Yeasty with maybe just a hint of Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil." Not bad for a homemade brewing robot.

  • For more information on Simon Jansen's Beer Brewing Bender, visit The Buzz Brewery.