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    Here's What Philly Residents Think About The DNC In Their City

    BuzzBot asked Philadelphians how they felt about all the out-of-towners coming to town. This is what they had to say.

    Thousands of people have descended on Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, bringing with them traffic, long lines, and, naturally, ~hot takes~.

    Some residents were annoyed with what out-of-towners were saying about their city.

    Reporter for @TIME sums up out of town media's generally shitty attitude about Philly during #DemConvention

    Just to clear things up if you don't live in Philly:

    BuzzBot asked some Philly residents how they felt about all the attention their city was getting this week. Here’s what they had to say:

    "The DNC failed to use the centrally located convention center making Philly transportation look horrible. Philly should've been more centered with its honor as the birthplace of the country. Outsiders have over all kept to themselves."Amelia Dogan

    "I think this was great for Philadelphia overall and reminded people that we're here haha. The DNC was much less disruptive than the Pope's visit last year, although I'm not sure attendees loved being all the way out at the stadiums. The only interactions I had with visitors was trying to get past a group of protestors on my walk to work."Emily

    "Good for the city. Brought in money that we really needed."Angela Nanayakkara

    "For the most part it was positive from what I've seen. People I've met here for the DNC were all nice too."Meg Scans