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    Jul 27, 2016

    Fine Dining At The DNC

    Tales of glamour and pretzels for dinner.

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    You probably might imagine that being at the Democratic National Convention is pretty glamorous. But BuzzBot asked folks in the convention hall what they're having for dinner, and the answers were not nearly as fabulous as your correspondent was expecting.

    "I ate a squished lemon square from my purse and a mini bag of pretzels." —Emma

    One BuzzFeed reporter in the Wells Fargo Arena told BuzzBot that her dinner consisted of a squished lemon square from the bottom of her purse and a mini bag of pretzels.

    That's better than Amy from California, who had nothing but water for dinner:

    Amy Mains

    One Texas delegate had a heartier meal. His dinner still didn't look exactly ~wholesome~, but at least it looked tasty!

    Prince Winbush III

    If you live in Philly, help these folks find better meals tonight! Add BuzzBot and tell me where to find the good stuff.

    And if you're inside the convention today, BuzzBot definitely wants to hear your story. And see your dinner photos.

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