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10 Scrumptious British Sweets To Celebrate The Royal Baby

Why host a Royal Baby celebration for Will & Kate's kid? Because it's a happy reminder that not all famous spawn are pushed out by unmarried reality stars with questionable... everything. Here are 10 super delicious British desserts to get you started on a classy affair, along with a bit of UK slang for when Kate drops the sprog. drops the sprog = has a baby

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The Best Scones in the Universe

The scones in Britain are about a million times better than the rock-hard cack they serve in caffs here in America. This recipe shows you why. From a traditional English tea house, these scones are dead easy (thanks to the use of cream instead of butter), very versatile, and might just qualify as the best scones this side of the pond. Erika Kuever has your recipe here.

cack = poop
caff = cafe

English Trifle

One of the easier English desserts, you simply add cake, custard (or pudding), fruit, and whipped cream to a pretty bowl in layers, and Bob's your uncle! Want to make the Scottish version called "Tipsy Laird"? Drizzle whiskey over the cake. (Just be careful not to add too much or your guests will get rat-arsed.) Recipe and instructions courtesy of Make It Do.

Bob's your uncle = it's simple, done
rat-arsed = drunk

Chamomile Cupcakes

In the U.K., cupcakes are called "fairy cakes," and these moist, fragrant treats fit the bill. Foodness Gracious shows us how to make Joy the Baker's quick and easy cupcakes here. Seeing as how the tea is baked right in, these are perfect to nosh with a cuppa.

nosh = to eat
cuppa = cup of tea

Jumbleberry Crumble

Beautiful British foodie Nigella Lawson has a perfect crumble recipe. It can be made ahead of time, stored in the freezer, and baked up with any berries you have on hand. Scrummy! PS - Serving the crumble in antique tea cups? Genius!

scrummy = scrumptious + yummy

Battenberg Cake

Created in 1884 to celebrate the marriage of Queen Victoria's granddaughter and namesake to the Prince of Battenberg, this

checkered cake (also called "church window cake") can be customized with different colours and flavours although it is traditionally pink and yellow. It takes a wee bit of jiggery-pokery to look perfect, but Mandy Mortimer from What the Fruitcake? makes it look easy in her beautiful tutorial with recipe here.

wee = little
jiggery-pokery = tinkering, messing about with

Eton Mess

Eaton Mess is a combination of strawberries, cream, and meringue traditionally served at Eton College's annual cricket game. Since it's a layered dessert, it's almost impossible to bodge up. Follow the recipe from Bree at Baked Bree and you and your guests will be pleasantly chuffed.

bodge = mess up
chuffed = happy, pleased with yourself

Lavender Tea Cake

Expat Angharad at Eating for England presents this delicious, fragrant cake that just begs for a chinwag with your mush. Make sure to use culinary lavender (not the stuff in potpourri). If you can't find it (our Target carries it), you can substitute lavender tea. Recipe here.

chinwag = chat
mush = friend

"Flies Cemetery" Fruit Slices

Although the title is a little balmy in the crumpet, Flies Cemetery (also called "Flies Graveyard" because of the way the currants look sandwiched between the cookies) are sweet, savory, sticky, scrumptious all at once. Expat Angela at Tartan Tastes in Texas has an amazing recipe here.

balmy in the crumpet = crazy

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