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    • Butternutter

      I got 59/100, so I’m quite priviledged, which I do agree with. Although this doesn’t consider discrimination based on nationality (Hearing “Go back to your country” or getting bullied by a teacher, etc.) nor does it consider stuff like people can’t deal with you because you’re too sad/cry too much even though you’ve never been diagnosed or treated for depression. And “my parents get along” should also be one. Because my parents are still married, for example, but they avoid each other and fight all the time (It’s been like this for ~13 years or so.
      Another one to add would have been “I never got told to do a chore because of my gender”.  Another thing is “fag” I obviously didn’t check that one because I’ve never been called “faggot” because of my sexual identity but I HAVE been called that which can create some confusion. As can “Go to bed hungry” because I’m sure diets don’t count. Overall, I like the idea but it needs some tweaking.

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