10 Extreme Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

These tips will definitely spice things up. Check out Butterfinger’s video to see what a couples therapist recommended for chocolate and peanut butter’s relationship.

1. Set up sinkholes throughout the house.

That’ll really mess up your Netflix queue.

2. Pluck each other’s unibrows.

It’ll be so intimate.

3. Feed each other pizza.

So sensual.

4. Propose to them at a mall.

Invite all their friends from work.

5. Make a game out of visiting your in-laws.

See how many times you can pet your father-in-law’s head without him catching on.

6. Dance like a ballerina in the bathroom when they pee.

Don’t let them close the door.

7. Steal the thing they love most once a week.

So they appreciate you the rest of the week.

8. Make a life-size brownie shaped like them.

NBC/SNL / Via lolgifs.net

Wait for them to come home. So sessi.

9. Dress up in a dog costume when they fall asleep.

You know, so they wake up sleeping next to a dog.

10. If you want things to get really spicy…

…do the dishes.

For more tips, check out peanut butter and chocolate’s couples counseling.


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