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10 Extreme Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

These tips will definitely spice things up. Check out Butterfinger’s video to see what a couples therapist recommended for chocolate and peanut butter’s relationship.

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1. Set up sinkholes throughout the house.


That'll really mess up your Netflix queue.

2. Pluck each other's unibrows. / Via

It'll be so intimate.

3. Feed each other pizza.


So sensual.

4. Propose to them at a mall.


Invite all their friends from work.

5. Make a game out of visiting your in-laws.


See how many times you can pet your father-in-law's head without him catching on.

6. Dance like a ballerina in the bathroom when they pee.


Don't let them close the door.

7. Steal the thing they love most once a week.


So they appreciate you the rest of the week.

8. Make a life-size brownie shaped like them.


Wait for them to come home. So sessi.

9. Dress up in a dog costume when they fall asleep.

You know, so they wake up sleeping next to a dog.

10. If you want things to get really spicy...

Via the dishes.

For more tips, check out peanut butter and chocolate's couples counseling.

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