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13 of The Funniest Epitaphs on Tombstones, Because It Is The Last Joke You Can Make

Might as well go out with some laughs. . Call me creepy (so what if I am?), but I’m in love with cemeteries. Every time I go back to Paris, the second place I always visit after my arrival (the first being Sacré-Cœur Basilica) is Père Lachaise Cemetery. I pay my respects to Oscar Wilde first, always, then meander about the grounds, wandering around the Aux Morts ossuary, getting lost between and sometimes in the tombs, and am completely at peace. Each tomb and headstone is unique either in its art (Georges Rodenbach kills it in that area) or wording, and there’s something really fascinating and mildly eerie about a place where so many remains reside. That “so many” actually is estimated to be over a million.

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