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21 #OfficeRant Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Because every office has a food thief, a loud talker and a good ol' fashioned jerk. Welcome to corporate hell.

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Not everything you say is gold Barbara, calm down.

When ALL of your emails are sent with high importance, NONE of your emails are sent with high importance. #OfficeRant

TFW your cube mate needs the fan on because their sweater is "a part of their look."

Why do you keep opening windows? Is the fan really necessary? TAKE YOUR EFFING JUMPER OFF!! ARGH!!!!!!!!โ€ฆ

I may have sneezed on your cake accidentally on purpose.

When you have to plan a party for a person you #dislike but because its for #work you have no choice ๐Ÿ˜ฉ #workrant

When every day is 'take your boss to the beach' day.

If my boss says "we need a line in the sand" one more time, I think I'm going to bury him in some sand ๐Ÿ #workrant

That tuna melt wasn't even good last night, what makes you think it will be better today... microwaved.

Why on earth would you eat smelly food at your desk in a small office? #officerant

When Always Sick Steve leaves a snail trail of tissues and the viral plague behind him everywhere he goes.

Officerant002 who do hell leaves used scrunched up tissues on meeting room tables? #officerant #etiquette101

Joe, you're cute, but you're really, realllly dumb.

I try to give all my coworkers the benefit of the doubt, but I've come to accept that this one guy is just useless #CubicleSwamp #officerant

When you dream of being 22 again โ€” so full of hope, life and passion.

All i want is to have all my effort, loyalty and hard work to be recognised accordingly. #workrant

We get it, you're "extremely busy" but there's no reason your business should end up on the wall... ever...

Work Rant: We are all adults here. We have been potty trained for years. Why are you people missing the toilet??? #WorkProblems #WorkRant

When cake is life but you didn't get any because you were scooping fruit cocktail out of your salad.

Thanks to the a-hole who spilled something all over my lunch while relocating it to make room for a cake I didn't get a piece of #OfficeRant

TFW you're the office mom and you're sick of your asshole children.

FFS why do I feel I am the only one who actually fills the damn kettle!!! #officerant

*Stares intently, fists clenched, forehead vein bulging*

You smack your gum I wanna smack you in the head. You sound like a damn cow. #OfficeRant

When you can't escape work, even on your day off.

Don't you love it when your one off day in 3 weeks turns into a full work day!!! #workrant

The joys of having a boss that makes an appearance in the morning, before the afternoon sun boils you all like eggs.

I can't work in these conditions! #officerant

When you were certain you started that wipe with toilet paper...

TFW you have to explain something for the fifteenth time because you forget none of your coworkers can read.

When people ask you questions at work that pertained to a previous email you had just sent out. READ THE DAMN EMAIL! #OfficeRant

Jessica, your cube looks like a barnyard and I'm not interested in playing the 'needle in a haystack' game.

#workrant Can y'all please be organized & be clear bc seriously y'all making me confused & low key irritated ๐Ÿ™ƒ

When the bosses kid gets the summer internship, and has "some really great ideas."

#workrant I absolutely hate when someone that does half the work I do gets special fucking treatment.

TFW it's five minutes earlier than it was the last time you looked.

Today is going so slow, my office is freezing and it feels like it should be lunch time, not just 'nearly 11' #OfficeRant

When there aren't even words...

And lastly, "Can you cool your jets with the 'reply all' Barry?"


But don't worry fam, we only have like 30-40 years left of this.


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[Written by David S. Self]

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