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5 Things You Do On Facebook That Your Friends HATE

Here is a list of all the things that you do on Facebook that your friends secretly hate about you.

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1. Self Pity/Complaining


You have a problem and want everyone to know but unfortunately most people on your friends list don’t care. Think about how these kinds of posts look to your friends who are honestly just “facebook friends”, the people you added once and will hardly see again, you wouldn’t go up to them and start complaining would you?

Part of the beauty of the internet is that you can make yourself appear any way you want and so why would you make yourself come across as a desperate cry baby?

2. Random outrage


You know how you are not really supposed to talk about controversial topics in order to avoid starting conflicts or resentment with people? That applies to facebook as well. Despite your own ego, you are not someone people look to for causes or politics and your facebook friends are not fans who eat up your every word. When you post about topics out of context, you just make yourself look like you’re trying to champion a cause for the sake of doing so and trying to be an activist from your arm chair also never looks good. Save your opinions for your close friends and not the internet.

3. Posting Quizzes

Don’t get me wrong, the concept of personality or aptitude tests can be fun but when you are constantly bombarding the Facebook newsfeed with irrelevant test results people get annoyed. No one cares that some quiz (most likley created by a procrastinating college student) says that you’re 70% evil, should attend a school better than the one you actually went to, or that you would have fit some outdated stereotype. If you’re constantly looking to the internet to see who you really are then you’re not really living a life and you’re not really anything at all.

4. Constant Sharing

Chain letters are just a reality of the internet, whether its via e-mail, YouTube comments, or even old MySpace bullion but just as horseflies, they are numerous and annoying. The most annoying thing about the current “sharing culture” of Facebook is that most of the time the things that get shared are not coming from friends or even friends of friends, they are coming from random Facebook pages that are created just to collect “likes” and get people to share things. Even if you think what you share is funny or interesting a good rule of thumb is to remember that if your friends wanted to see the posts from whatever page you are sharing then they would already “like” and subscribe to that page. Facebook was created as a place for friends and not a blog to repost things.

5. Religious Posts to a broad audience

It is easy to start to see yourself in an almost celebrity context on Facebook because you have this constant platform in the form of the Facebook Status to voice your thoughts and then you have an army of friends who are very easy to mistake as fans who “like” all those statuses but you’re not a celebrity and the same social rules apply to you as everyone else. When you post something on Facebook, you’re posting it to a broad audience of people with all sorts of beliefs and when your Facebook activity consists of pushing your personal belief system, people are often rubbed the wrong way.

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