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    Why You Wish You Were Bree Van De Kamp From Desperate Housewives

    She puts us all to shame with her determination, mad cooking skills, and of course her perfect front yard! She may be an overbearing alcoholic at times, but admit it, you still wish you could be her.

    First of all, no one messes with Bree, no one.

    And if they do, well...

    Bree knows how to connect with her children and other youths

    Bree is always polite and remembers her manners in any circumstance

    Bree doesn't beat around the bush. She gets to the point

    Bree understands what is right and wrong

    What? I said she "understands" I didn't say she cares...

    Even though Bree finds herself in some pretty embarrassing situations...

    She always pulls it off with absolute class.

    And even though Bree fights with her friends at times...

    She's always there for them when they need her.

    She has the best ways of getting her revenge. Whether it's through telling people humiliating secrets about someone

    Or giving them a fully-clothed public shower until they say please.

    She knows how to say what she's feeling

    And she could certainly win a "If looks could kill" contest.

    And she has one of the best "Bitch Please" looks I've ever seen.

    So, even though its hopeless and we will never be as classy, elegant, and awesomely stoic as Bree, lets all try to be a little more like her everyday.