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    Top Ten Hottest Male Cartoon Characters

    Let's face it, whether we were prepubescent little kids, teenagers, or full grown adults, we've all developed a crush on a cartoon at one time or another. Here is a list of my top ten male cartoon characters.

    10. Miguel and Tulio(The Road to El Dorado)

    Ok ok, so this one is sort of a tie. But that's because these two cute best friends are pretty much a package deal.

    What makes them cute? First off, look at them. Now try not to swoon. Secondly, they are money grabbing thieves and yet they still give up all that gold just to save the city of Cortes.

    9. Zuko(Avatar the Last Airbender)

    Don't be put off by the scar, this guy is a keeper. Throughout the series Zuko deals with his feelings towards what it right and wrong, his daddy issues, and of course his honor! He is moody, depressed, and has some serious anger management issues. But it's not his fault, his own father burned and banished him! Give him a break. Plus his devotion to his uncle is very sweet and endearing.

    8. Dean(The Iron Giant)

    Tall dark and handsome, that pretty much sums up Dean. Not only is he handsome on the outside, he's good looking on the inside too. I mean, he befriends a little boy, keeps the boy's giant robot in his junk yard, and helps them deceive the army. What more could you want in a guy? Plus he likes coffee, everyone should like coffee.

    7. Tarzan(Tarzan)

    Even back when I believed boys had cooties, I knew Tarzan was hot. Muscles, muscles, all I see is muscles! And a tiny loin cloth that miraculously stays in place throughout all that rope swinging...

    6. Li Shang(Mulan)

    I'm sure we all mirrored Mulan's face when Shang took off his shirt for the first time. Besides a fine body, he's protective, loyal, and determined. And, once he gets over his sexism(and the fact that he believed Mulan to be a boy for almost the entire movie), he's the perfect boyfriend for her....and me.

    5. Robin(Teen Titans)

    He may not yet be a man, but he still has a cuteness factor. Maybe it's the mask, maybe it's the dark spiky hair, maybe it's his loyalty to his team. Whatever the reason, you just gotta love him.

    4. Bruce Wayne/Batman(Batman the Animated Series)

    A dark brooding vigilante with a tragic back story who fights crime on his own terms and also happens to be very hot. Yes please!

    3. V(V for Vendetta Comics)

    So technically this a comic book character but whatever. For some reason I find him sexy. I think I have a thing for masked men. Anyways, he may be a murderous terrorist, but he does it all for good reason right??

    2. Flynn Rider(Tangled)

    Technically Flynn is cgi and not animated, but he's the hottest character we've seen in a Disney movie for a long time. He's also got that whole bad boy with a heart of gold thing going for him. No wonder Rapunzel fell for this thief.

    And number 1 is.......Aladdin!

    Here's a homeless guy with a bit of a stealing problem that will melt your heart. Sure he's a little rough around the edges, he's a street rat. But, he's also a diamond in the rough. He wears a dashing purple vest with no shirt ;) And he has an adorable pet monkey.

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