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A History Of "Frisco" In Headlines

For a bunch of people who claimed to hate it, "Frisco" sure showed up a lot in the Frisco newspapers.

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For a town that claimed to hate "Frisco", there was no shortage of references to it in the local papers over 170 years. A constant stream of op-eds railed against the term, but "Frisco" was freely and frequently used in advertisements, headlines and sporting news in the same papers.


While towns in Northern California seemingly used it as a term of endearment, the papers in Los Angeles (specifically the Herald) used it at any and every opportunity, usually in a fashion that can best be described (today) as trolling.

I do get the sense that a lot people outside Frisco intentionally used "Frisco" to piss people here off.

All of these newspaper clippings are from the California Digital Newspaper Collection. It is a national treasure. Regardless of what you think of Frisco, please donate. And you should also read Daisy Barringer's epic and well-researched post on Frisco.

And now, Behold Frisco.


Oh look another Frisco poem

Just kidding. but trust me, there is no shortage of Frisco poems in the CDNC archives. People reeeally liked to write poems about Frisco.

People also liked to write articles asking, requesting, demanding and pleading not to call Frisco "Frisco".


In addition to poems and missives, there were a lot of ads that mention Frisco. A. lot. of. ads. Over 2000 in the local papers alone. Here are a couple that are awesome.


Please write back, Frisco

San Francisco Call, 20 July 1905 / Via

People said Frisco in very real, very desperate ways.

Whither Frisco

Frisco is embracive. Frisco is divisive.

Do not fear Frisco. Do not overuse Frisco.

Respect Frisco, for it is a part of our history. Frisco is our story.

But for the record, if you say "S*n Fr*n" I will kick you very ass where you stand.