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Seven Bizarre Foods That Involve Eating Live Animals

Humans are known for their bizarre eating habits, as they are able to eat anything that is there in the food chain

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  • 1. Casu Marzu (Italy)

    One form of sheep's milk cheese is full of crawling white worms. It is over-fermented – in a stage of decomposition – and is known as Casu Marzu. It is a traditional dish from Sardinia, Italy that is believed to increase sexual desire.

  • 2. Drunken Shrimp (China)

    Listed as one of the top ten cruelest dishes in mainland China, "drunken shrimp" is still very popular. Known as a bachelor’s dream recipe, drunken shrimp is different type of fast food that can be prepared in just 30 seconds.

  • 3. Ikizukuri (Japan)

    In Japan, order any living sea animal of your choice from the menu or just point in front of a tank full of fish, shrimp, squid, lobster, octopus or oyster. It will be served on your table within minutes, carved but still alive and with vital organs left intact. Ikizukuri means ‘prepared alive’ in Japanese and therefore freshness is the key for this Japanese food art - Shashimi - where live food is served in traditional decorative fashion.

  • 4. Raw Oysters (worldwide)

    Listed as ‘best choice’ on the seafood watch list, oysters are significantly closer to plants than animals. Like Casu Marzu, oysters are also believed to increase sexual desire and must be alive just before consumption. An excellent source of minerals and vitamins, oysters are a very popular food, especially in coastal areas.

  • 5. Sannakji (Korea)

    Sannakji is a raw dish that consists of live and freshly chopped small octopuses, seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. It is famous in the Korean cuisine. But what if I advise you to chew your food properly and thoroughly, otherwise squiggly tentacles of freshly chopped octopus may get stuck in your throat and choke you to death?

  • 6. Ying Yang Fish (China)

    Another shocking and disturbing food item comes from China, famously known as ‘dead-and-alive-fish’ or simply Ying Yang fish. This dish is made up of a fish that is fresh and moves its head while its body is deep fried and covered with sweet and sour sauce. When you try to pick up the fresh meat dish, you’ll find the fish’s mouth stirring and head still twitching.

  • 7. Snakes, Bats, Goat's Head Soup, Whale-meat and... What Else?

    As I mentioned earlier, humans can eat anything that is there in the food chain. Beef, pork, chicken, fish and seafood have become old fashioned food items. In Indonesia, people eat boiled bats seasoned with coconut cream. Now people are looking forward to trying something new and interesting. Eating dog, cat, tiger, horse and other pet animals is no longer challenging. So why not try whale, shark, turtle and even snake too?