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New York Times Magazine 100 Years Ago

A fascinating insight into the past. The most interesting articles from The New York Times Sunday Magazine from exactly 100 years ago. Visit Source for larger versions.

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  • 1. New Method Of Teaching Morality To The Young

  • 2. Stories That Modern Science Has Made Impossible

  • 3. Noises Of The Animal World Are Really Musical

  • 4. Blood Tests In Criminal Cases No Longer Uncertain

  • 5. Can Science Hereafter Grow Giants At Will?

  • 6. Experiment Station To Solve Housekeepers Problems

  • 7. A Matrimonial War Breaks Out In Hoboken

  • 8. We Are A Nation Of Suicides, Says Dr. H. W. Wiley

  • 9. Americans Have An Incapacity For Leisure, Says Percival Chubb

  • 10. Welsh Rabbit As Harmless And Wholesome As Meat

  • 11. Big Highway Planned From New York To Washington

  • 12. Streets To Be Glowing Lanes Of Hidden Light At Night

  • 13. Gives Up Royalties On Great Telephone Invention

  • 14. Possibilities In Mahler Symphony

  • 15. Fifty Years Ago Lincoln Was Inaugurated