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10 Delicious Christmas Recipes

Here's some easy to follow recipes that are sure to add some variation and spice to the holiday season. Enjoy guys!

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Sticky barbecue chicken wings and drumsticks


6 chicken drumsticks, preferably free-range

6 chicken wings, preferably free-range

For the marinade:

2 tbsp clear honey

3cm/1¼in piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated

1 garlic clove, crushed

1½ tsp Chinese five spice

2 tsp soy sauce

3 tbsp orange marmalade

½ tsp grated orange zest

1 tbsp sesame oil

Preparation method

Slash the chicken drumsticks three to four times each with a sharp knife and place in a non-metallic bowl with the chicken wings. Mix together all of the marinade ingredients and pour over the chicken. Leave to marinate for at least 2 hours, or overnight if you can, turning occasionally.

Once it has marinated, place the chicken on the barbecue over medium-hot coals and cook for about 20 minutes, brushing with any marinade left in the dish as it cooks. If it's colouring too quickly, move to a cooler part of the barbecue to cook more gently. It's important you cook the chicken all the way through.

If you're unsure, pierce a drumstick with a skewer: if the juices are still pink, carry on cooking. Eat as soon as they're cool enough to handle, with the sticky sauce all around your mouth and fingers. Isn't that what barbecues are all about?

The chicken can also be cooked in the oven for perfect picnic food. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

Transfer the chicken into a roasting tray with a couple of spoonfuls of marinade. Place in the oven for about 50 minutes, turning occasionally and basting with the marinade and juices until thoroughly sticky and golden, adding extra marinade to the tray if necessary. Once the chicken pieces are cooked, eat them when fresh and hot, or leave to cool before packing up for a picnic or packed lunch.

Baileys and chocolate cheesecake


100g/3½oz butter

250g/8¾oz digestive biscuits, crushed

600g/1lb 5oz Philadelphia cream cheese

25ml/1fl oz Baileys

100ml/3½oz icing sugar

300ml/10½oz double cream, whipped

100g/3½oz grated chocolate

To garnish

200ml/7¼oz double cream, whipped

cocoa powder, to dust

Preparation method

Melt the butter in a pan and add the crushed digestive biscuits. Mix well until the biscuits have absorbed all the butter.

Remove from the heat and press into the bottom of a lined 18cm/7in springform tin. Place in the refrigerator and allow to set for one hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Lightly whip the cream cheese then beat in the Bailey's and icing sugar. Fold in the whipped cream and grated chocolate. When smooth, spoon evenly onto the biscuits.

Refrigerate and allow to set for a further two hours. Once set, remove and decorate with whipped cream and cocoa powder dusted over the top. Serve.

Baked Camembert with garlic bread


1 whole Camembert, in its box

1 garlic clove, sliced

3-4 sprigs fresh thyme

1 tsp olive oil

For the garlic bread

1 small ciabatta loaf, cut in half

1 tbsp olive oil

1 garlic clove, peeled

Preparation method

Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

Remove any plastic packaging from the cheese and place back in its box, leaving the lid off.

Pierce the top of the cheese in several places with a sharp knife and insert pieces of garlic and sprigs of thyme into the slits.

Drizzle the cheese with olive oil and place on a baking sheet, leaving the cheese in its box. Bake in the oven for ten minutes, or until the centre of the cheese is melted.

For the garlic bread, drizzle the cut side of the bread with olive oil and place cut-side down in a hot griddle pan until toasted. Rub the toasted side of the bread with the garlic clove.

Serve the garlic bread with the warm cheese for dipping.

Christmas mini-muffins (Suitable for vegetarians)

Make 24 mini muffins in cute individual cases – perfect for Christmas canapés or as a daily advent calendar-style treat.


200g/7oz self-raising flour, sifted

100g/3½oz golden caster sugar

100ml/3½fl oz sunflower oil

75ml/2½fl oz milk

1 large free-range egg

50g/1¾oz qood quality dark chocolate, chopped

1 heaped tbsp high quality mincemeat

50g/1 ¾oz good quality white chocolate, chopped

50g/1¾oz dried (or fresh) cranberries

Preparation method

Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5 and put 24 mini-muffin cases inside a mini-muffin tin.

Mix the flour and sugar in a bowl, then make a well in the centre. Whisk together the oil, milk and egg and slowly pour into the bowl, stirring gently. Divide this mixture between two bowls. In one bowl add the dark chocolate and mincemeat. Add the white chocolate and cranberries to the other bowl. Stir very gently.

Divide the two mixtures among the 24 muffin cases and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown and risen.

Remove the muffins to a wire rack and eat warm.

Peanut butter fudge (Suitable for vegetarians)


125g/4½oz butter

500g/1lb 2oz dark brown sugar

120ml/4fl oz milk

250g/9oz crunchy peanut butter

1 vanilla pod, seeds only

300g/10½oz icing sugar

Preparation method

Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat.

Stir in the brown sugar and milk, and bring to the boil for 2-3 minutes, without stirring.

Remove from the heat, and stir in the peanut butter and vanilla seeds.

Place the icing sugar in a large bowl, and pour the hot butter and sugar mixture on top. Using a wooden spoon, beat the mixture until smooth.

Pour into a 20cm/8in square baking tray, and set aside to cool slightly, then place in the fridge to chill completely.

Cut the fudge into squares with a sharp knife, turn out of the tin and store in an airtight container.

Quick hummus (Suitable for vegetarians)


200g/7oz canned chickpeas

2 tbsp lemon juice or more

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp ground cumin


100ml/3½fl oz tahini (sesame seed paste) optional

4 tbsp water

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp paprika

4 rounds of pitta bread

Preparation method

Drain the chickpeas and rinse. Reserve a few whole chick peas for serving.

Combine the chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, salt, tahini, and water in a food processor, and blend to a creamy purée.

Add more lemon juice, garlic, cumin or salt to taste. Turn out into a dinner plate, and make smooth with the back of a spoon. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and scatter with the reserved chickpeas.

Sprinkle with paprika and serve with pita bread, warmed in a moderate oven for three minutes, and cut into quarters.

Pulled pork with spicy coleslaw

Pile this slow-cooked, melt-in-the-mouth pork onto bread rolls for the ultimate sandwich.


For the pulled pork

oil, for greasing

2kg/4lb 6½oz pork shoulder

1 tbsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp mustard seeds

salt and freshly ground black pepper

200ml/7¼fl oz white wine vinegar

250ml/9fl oz cider

3 onions, finely sliced

6 cloves garlic, sliced

For the coleslaw

half white cabbage, finely chopped

2 carrots, grated

2 red onions, finely sliced

1 red chilli, seeds removed, finely chopped

175g/6oz mayonnaise

salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 lime, juice only

1 tbsp soy sauce

To serve

soft white bread rolls

Ready-made barbecue sauce

Preparation method

Preheat the oven to 170C/340F/Gas 3.

For the pulled pork, oil a baking tray and place the pork shoulder on top. Mix together the chilli, mustard seeds and salt and freshly ground black pepper, then rub the mixture into the pork shoulder.

Pour the vinegar and cider over, then scatter over the onion and garlic.

Cover with parchment paper, then wrap in foil and place into the oven to roast for three hours. Remove the parchment and foil, then roast for another hour.

'Pull' the pork by sticking a fork in the shoulder and shredding the meat into small pieces with another fork.

For the coleslaw, in a separate bowl, mix together all of the coleslaw ingredients until well combined.

To serve, pile the pulled pork shoulder on a serving plate and spoon the coleslaw next to it. Serve with soft white rolls and barbecue sauce to taste.

Coronation prawn vol-au-vents

Fill pastry cases with prawns and a classic Coronation sauce, for a quick-as-a-flash canapé.


350g/12oz puff pastry

1 free-range egg, beaten, plus 1 free-range egg yolk

15g/½oz butter

50g/1¾oz plain flour

200ml/7fl oz hot fish stock

1 tbsp curry paste, mixed with 1 tbsp water to form a smooth paste

salt and freshly ground black pepper

75ml/2¾fl oz double cream

18 king prawns, cooked, peeled

1 tbsp flaked almonds

3 spring onions, chopped

Preparation method

Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

Roll the pastry out on a floured surface to 5mm/¼in thick. Cut out 12 circles using a 9cm/3½in plain cutter. Cut a smaller circle out of the centre of six of the circles.

Place the six full circles onto a baking sheet and brush with a little beaten egg. Place the six circles with a hole cut out on top of each of the full circles and transfer to the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until risen and golden-brown.

Meanwhile, melt the butter in a frying pan, stir in the flour and cook until the mixture forms a smooth paste.

Remove from the heat and gradually whisk in the hot fish stock and curry paste. Return to the heat, season, to taste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat until the mixture is simmering and simmer, stirring constantly, for 10-12 minutes, or until thickened.

Beat the egg yolk and cream together in a bowl, then whisk into the sauce.

Mini smoked salmon and dill cakes


250g/9oz floury potatoes, such as maris piper, desirée or king edward, cut into large chunks

2 tbsp cream cheese

200g/7oz smoked salmon

2 tbsp roughly chopped fresh dill

1 lemon, zest only, finely grated

1 tsp horseradish sauce

1 tbsp drained capers, chopped (optional)

salt and freshly ground black pepper

4 heaped tbsp fresh breadcrumbs

olive oil

Preparation method

Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

Boil the potatoes in unsalted water for about 20 minutes until tender. There's no need to add salt to the water as the smoked salmon will provide the required saltiness. Drain, leave to cool for a couple of minutes, allowing the steam to evaporate, and then mash with the cream cheese until smooth.

Chop the smoked salmon and mix with the mashed potatoes, dill, lemon zest, horseradish and capers, if using, and season with salt and pepper. Shape into walnut-sized balls and flatten gently. Lightly coat each one with the breadcrumbs and place on an oiled baking sheet. Either cook straight away or refrigerate until needed.

To cook, drizzle over a little olive oil and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes, turning after 5 minutes or until golden.

Scotch eggs

Homemade Scotch eggs are a world away from shop bought versions. They're worth the effort for a special picnic treat.


4 large free-range eggs

275g/10oz sausage meat

1 tsp fresh thyme leaves

1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

1 spring onion, very finely chopped

salt and freshly ground black pepper

125g/4oz plain flour, seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 free-range egg, beaten

125g/4oz breadcrumbs

vegetable oil, for deep frying

Preparation method

Place the eggs, still in their shells, in a pan of cold salted water.

Place over a high heat and bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to simmer for exactly nine minutes.

Drain and cool the eggs under cold running water, then peel.

Mix the sausage meat with the thyme, parsley and spring onion in a bowl and season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper (Simon recommends being generous with the freshly ground black pepper).

Divide the sausage meat mixture into four and flatten each out on a clean surface into ovals about 12.5cm/5in long and 7.5cm/3in at its widest point.

Place the seasoned flour onto a plate, then dredge each boiled egg in the flour.

Place each onto a sausage meat oval, then wrap the sausage meat around each egg. Make sure the coating is smooth and completely covers each egg.

Dip each sausage meat-coated egg in the beaten egg, rolling to coat completely, then dip and roll into the breadcrumbs to completely cover.

Heat the oil in a deep heavy-bottomed pan, until a breadcrumb sizzles and turns brown when dropped into it. (CAUTION: hot oil can be dangerous. Do not leave unattended.)

Carefully place each scotch egg into the hot oil and deep-fry for 8-10 minutes, until golden and crisp and the sausage meat is completely cooked.

Carefully remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.

Serve cool.

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