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10 Things To Consider Before Appearing On A Dating Show

You've just been cast on a reality show about dating. Congratulations! But before you start throwing all your ballgowns into your suitcase and heading for the airport, there are a few things you should consider before going on national television, and watch Burning Love, premiering Monday, February 25th at 10/9c on E! to learn more if a reality show is the best thing for your love life.

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1. Your family, no matter how embarrassing they are, will inevitably be put in front of a camera.

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2. You're gonna have to tell your job you're quitting. To be on a dating show.

3. You haven't acted since your school play years and haven't gotten any better at looking natural.

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4. Your worst fear will definitely be used as a date scenario, on camera, for the entire world to see.

5. You might be forced to sit through a Train concert.

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6. The producers will naturally dig up some serious dirt from your past, so you'll want to hide those party pics.

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7. Not to mention you're gonna have to call your exes and ask them to destroy all traces of that old sex tape, too.

8. You might have to live with the first Google image result of you being a freeze frame mid-blink low angle shot that makes you look like Jabba The Hut has allergies.

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9. You will most likely lose your cool at some point and be forever remembered for a strange proclamation you made on camera.

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10. You might have to someday explain to your children that mommy and daddy fell in love after daddy gave mommy a flower and that's just going to be confusing.


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