13 Things You Actually Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

Life’s too short. Sometimes you have to make the tough calls. Like not putting on pants for a whole day. Burger King’s new Satisfries have 40% less fat, so you can live life to the fullest.

1. Dancing like no one’s watching.

It’s all in the hips, man.

2. Staying in on a Friday night.

You know, every once in a while.

3. Belting out your favorite tune.

Just make sure that your microphone isn’t a curling iron.

4. Sneaking out to make it in time for happy hour.

5. Hitting the snooze button a couple extra times because you had “a night.”

…But you still wanna be on top of your game (you know, relatively) that day.

6. Celebrating ~you~ and only you on your birthday.

7. Binge-watching a show as soon as it goes up on Netflix.

8. Slipping out early because, hey, the sun’s out!

How else are you expected to get your daily Vitamin D intake?

9. Taking the very last slice of pizza.

Settle down. You can order another.

10. Spending an entire Saturday in your PJs.

11. Taking a second look at yourself in the mirror because dang, you look GOOD today.

12. Ignoring a call because you just *can’t* right now.

Talking on a PHONE? What is this, 1965?

13. Making a r-eel-y bad pun and being the only one who laughs.

What do your “friends” know, anyway?

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