The 15 Most Satisfying Things In Everyday Life

Sometimes it seems like the big things in life are the only things that matter. Wrong. The little things are what keep you going. And what would be more satisfying than Burger King’s new Satisfries with big taste and less fat? Try them out and see if they don’t top your list.

1. Going to a public bathroom and being the only one there

2. Finally getting that thing out of your teeth

3. Smelling freshly cut grass

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4. Thinking it's Thursday only to realize it's Friday

5. Making the train just before it leaves

6. Getting into a just-made bed

7. Waking up healthy after having been sick

8. Peeling off a sticker in one clean swoop

9. Popping Bubble Wrap

10. When you get home just in time to catch your favorite show

11. When you take out your headphones and they aren't tangled up for once

12. Emptying out your wallet with exact change

13. Driving down the street and all you see is green

14. When your freaking JAM comes on the radio

15. And best of all: finding a 20 in the winter coat you haven't touched since last year.

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