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The Definitive Ranking Of Things Worth Waiting In Line For

Very few things are worth the wait. But a few things certainly are, and that includes Burger King's Chicken Fries.

14. To get anything from the DMV:

13. To get into the club:

12. To use a photobooth:

11. To get the newest book in a series/to see the newest movie in a franchise:

10. To ride a roller coaster:

9. To get some autographs:

8. To get into a concert:

7. To get a new video game:

6. To get Christmas presents:

5. To board an airplane:

4. To get food:

3. To get money at the ATM:

2. To get a new phone:

1. To use the bathroom:

Luckily, we don't have to wait any longer to get our hands on Burger King's Chicken Fries...because they're back!

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