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The Definitive Ranking Of Things Worth Waiting In Line For

Very few things are worth the wait. But a few things certainly are, and that includes Burger King's Chicken Fries.

14. To get anything from the DMV:


Is it worth it? In the very smallest way possible.

Payoff: You will have what you need to validate your identity to a police officer when he calls you out on your bad driving.

13. To get into the club:


Is it worth it? Hard to say. There are a lot of variables.

Payoff: You might get pretty sweaty (which means you've burned a lot of calories and can go out for burgers at 2 a.m.!). But you'll probably lose your coat, or something.

12. To use a photobooth:

Courtesy of Aubree Lennon

Is it worth it? A little bit.

Payoff: You have another thing to put on your desk that can be used as proof of a social life.

11. To get the newest book in a series/to see the newest movie in a franchise:


Is it worth it? Maybe.

Payoff: You have real evening plans, and you get to threaten your co-workers with spoilers if they don't do what you say. However, that's kinda mean.

10. To ride a roller coaster:


Is it worth it? Usually.

Payoff: You get to see how amazing it feels to have your stomach pushing up against the backsides of your eyeballs.

9. To get some autographs:


Is it worth it? Most of the time!

Payoff: A new profile picture and a bunch of likes and the knowledge that a famous person with a lot of money has maybe breathed in air that you have exhaled.

8. To get into a concert:


Is it worth it? Pretty much.

Payoff: A rad concert T-shirt, probably a few new followers on Instagram, some wristbands you don't have to take off for days, and a night to tell your grandkids about when they don't believe that you were ever cool.

7. To get a new video game:


Is it worth it? Sure!

Payoff: Your friends stop complaining that you live too far away and finally come over to hang out with you.

6. To get Christmas presents:

NBC / Via

Is it worth it? Unfortunately, yes.

Payoff: Your family forgives you for screening their calls all year and always saying "oh, you know, I'm just busy!" every time they ask you what's going on in your life.

5. To board an airplane:


Is it worth it? Yes, but it can be pretty unpleasant.

Payoff: You get to go somewhere fun! Or leave somewhere terrible!

4. To get food:


Is it worth it? Definitely.

Payoff: It's FOOD! YOU EAT IT!

3. To get money at the ATM:


Is it worth it? Duh.

Payoff: You get money to buy fun things!

2. To get a new phone:


Is it worth it? DEFINITELY.

Payoff: It's just so beautiful! But it also makes you feel like you're just really important.

1. To use the bathroom:


Is it worth it? Y-E-S.

Payoff: Relief and intact bowels.

Luckily, we don't have to wait any longer to get our hands on Burger King's Chicken Fries...because they're back!

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