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Being A New Mum On Social Vs Being A New Mum In Real Life

No #filter or fancy curation will be able to show what real motherhood looks like. And that's OK. Being a new mum is hard, but Bupa is here to help you through it.

1. Changing a nappy on social:

Changing a nappy in real life:

2. Naptime on social:

Naptime in real life:

3. Bathtime on social:

Bathtime in real life:

4. Feeding times on social:

Feeding times in real life:

5. Trying to take artsy photos on social:

Trying to take artsy photos in real life:

6. Date nights on social:

Date nights in real life:

7. Playtime on social:

Playtime in real life:

Bupa is helping new parents get through postnatal depression with their Parent and Baby Wellbeing Program. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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