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    • BunnyDena

      First of all thank you for differentiating between bunnies and playmates; so many media persons do not understand a pretty simple concept. However, the assertion that bunny costumes were so tight that we could not bend is incorrect. While jealous women would like to think that it took extensive corseting to create the shape of a bunny, each costume was bespoke made right on our body and fit very comfortably. You can’t carry trays of food or drinks for hours if you are that uncomfortable. the reason for the bunny dip is because one of the first bunnies realized that if she bent toward the table she’d be presenting the patron with her cleavage, and the restaurants were more elegant locations than that. She modified a curtsy, the bend at the knees, to prevent any “wardrobe malfunctions” and the bunny mother liked it enough that this became standard procedure. If you want to know real information about bunnies, try explayboybunnies.com (safe for work) and/or read http://www.amazon.com/dp/1451663277/?tag=buzz0f-20

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