Top 15 Bunny Rules You Need To Know

If you are fortunate enough to live with a rabbit, you will know that there are certain rules that come with the privilege.

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Bunny Rule 4: The bunny does not have to follow rules or restrictions imposed by the human.

If Tsjoe wants to eat the phone book, there is nothing her human can do. Photo by Bjobbi van Blonk

Bunny Rule 9: The human may not for any reason interrupt the rabbit's eating, sleeping, or grooming times.

Bunny Rule 10: The human is required to serve food promptly at the agreed upon times to avoid the wrath of the rabbit.

Bunny Rule 12: The bunny is required to maintain at least one layer of fur on the furniture in the house and on the human's clothing.

Bunny Rule 14: The rabbit may request unlimited amounts of food at all times, which the human must promptly provide.

Bunny Rule 15: The human must be respectful at all times. Just because the bunny looks adorable doesn't mean it wants to be cuddled.

Facebook: specklesbunbun.bayley / Via Speckles Bun Bun Bailey

Be strong, human. Speckles Bun Bun Bailey does not want to be disturbed. Photo by Michelle N.

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