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    Top 15 Bunny Rules You Need To Know

    If you are fortunate enough to live with a rabbit, you will know that there are certain rules that come with the privilege.

    Bunny Rule 1: Everything in the house belongs to the bunny. Humans included.

    Bunny Rule 2: Opening the fridge door requires that at least one vegetable be given to the bunny.

    Bunny Rule 3: The bunny reserves the right to withhold affection if the food offerings aren't satisfactory.

    Bunny Rule 4: The bunny does not have to follow rules or restrictions imposed by the human.

    Bunny Rule 5: Everything that enters the house has to be inspected and chinned.

    Bunny Rule 6: The human may not clean or rearrange the house without the bunny's supervision.

    Bunny Rule 7: The bunny is required to sit on, taste, and inspect every piece of clothing on the floor.

    Bunny Rule 8: It is a truth universally acknowledged that exposed wires are meant to be chewed.

    Bunny Rule 9: The human may not for any reason interrupt the rabbit's eating, sleeping, or grooming times.

    Bunny Rule 10: The human is required to serve food promptly at the agreed upon times to avoid the wrath of the rabbit.

    Bunny Rule 11: The bunny reserves the right to inspect grocery bags and confiscate any contents at will.

    Bunny Rule 12: The bunny is required to maintain at least one layer of fur on the furniture in the house and on the human's clothing.

    Bunny Rule 13: Any display of affection has to take place on the floor and be initiated and ended by the rabbit.

    Bunny Rule 14: The rabbit may request unlimited amounts of food at all times, which the human must promptly provide.

    Bunny Rule 15: The human must be respectful at all times. Just because the bunny looks adorable doesn't mean it wants to be cuddled.