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15 Of The Most Legendary Aussie GIFs

Our GIF to you. There's only one way to celebrate these legendary GIFs – with a Bundaberg Rum!

1. This kangaroo who doesn't want to play your stupid game:

2. These guys who know the correct way to drink tea:

Geekness (CC BY 3.0) / Via

3. This proof that emus can fly:

4. These Brisbane cops who'll beat you in a dance-off:

leahlisence / / Via

5. These unlikely best friends:

6. This unconventional farming technique:

The Budgeteers (CC BY 3.0) / / Via

7. This kookaburra who doesn't share food:

8. This "She'll be right!" attitude to four wheel driving:

Intents Offroad (CC BY 3.0) / Via

9. This living nightmare:

10. This kangaroo who can't believe what you just said:

11. This morning ritual:

Sevil Bulut (CC BY 3.0) / Via

12. This air guitar hero:

13. This gnarly switchback:

MrCoolShima (CC BY 3.0) / Via

14. This thirsty koala who'll do anything for a drink:

Channel 9 / Via

15. And this catch of the day:

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