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11 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Video Call Date

Curate your space to say something about you.

Considering trying out virtual dating RN? We got you. Here are some tips to turn you into a video dating pro — instantly.

1. Firstly, always think about your lighting. While your bathroom might make your eyes pop, the kitchen or your bedroom are probably more appropriate location-wise.

2. Give your surroundings a little spring clean.

3. Curate your space a little bit.

4. If you live with other people, let them know you'll be otherwise occupied...

5. Always wear trousers.

6. Don't just press the "call" button.

7. Find a game to play together to help to break the ice...

8. ...And if all else fails, prepare some topics of conversation that can help you fill any awkward silent moments.

9. You could even simulate a dinner date, by sitting down to eat together at the same time.

10. Or enjoy a cocktail hour together where you teach each other how to make your favourite drink.

11. Finally, think of a way to end the call because "I've just got to run" isn't going to work RN.

If you want to find someone special you can still do it! Just from your home. Enter video dating on your Bumble app. Take the leap and ask your match if they’d be up for a virtual happy hour, a dinner date, or even a movie night! Keep dating and making connections — the ball is still in your court!

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