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9 Ways To Level Up Your Love Life In 2021

A healthy take on love and dating for the new year.

A new year brings an opportunity to set positive intentions for our romantic lives. We've teamed up with Bumble to bring you nine tips for levelling up your love life in 2021.

1. Be open to new people.

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Sometimes what we want and what we need can be different things. If you've found yourself in a dating pattern of being attracted to — and subsequently disappointed by — similar kinds of people, it might be worth trying something new altogether.

Be open to meeting people that you might not fit the exact mould of your "type", and switch to a values-based way of analysing prospective partners.

Going on virtual dates on Bumble with people who are a little different to who you'd usually date is a fun, safe and low-investment way to see what else is out there. Plus, you get to do it on your couch in loungewear, if you want to!

2. Go on activity dates.

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To keep dating fun, fresh and surprising, plan activity-based dates rather than a standard dinner and movies. Whether it's mini-golf, bowling or a painting and wine session, doing an activity with your date will help break the ice, give you plenty to talk about, as well as help build a vibe. Plus, you'll have tonnes of fun.

3. Show up as your authentic self.

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When dating online or in real life, it's important to show up as your authentic self, rather than present a more picture-perfect impression of who you are. Why? Because authenticity is relatable and it will help attract kinds of people that are right for you.

On your Bumble profile, use good quality images of yourself in your natural habitats — whether that's going on hikes with friends or playing a sport that you love. Plus, these are great conversation starters for matches with similar interests!

4. Try online dating.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that the traditional ways we live, work and love have changed. Connecting with new people is now easier than ever before through dating apps.

For women wanting to level up their love lives, we recommend using Bumble. It empowers women to make the first move, which not only puts the control back into your hands, but also helps build dating and communication skills that were traditionally left up to men in heteronormative contexts.

Learning how to approach potential partners — from the safety of your own home — will help you build confidence in your own dating skills. Download Bumble today to get started!

5. Regularly practice self love.

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Having a good relationship with oneself is the foundation of having good relationships with other people — both romantic and otherwise. When we come to relationships with a solid sense of who we are, what we have to offer to the world and what we will and won't tolerate, we're more likely to attract people to align with where we're at — as well as filter out those who don't meet our standards.

To ensure you're filling up your own cup, regularly engage in different activities that help improve your relationship with yourself. They can be as simple as nourishing your body, exercising and getting enough sleep, or treating yourself to a spa treatment or a beautiful candle. Whatever works for you, give yourself permission to send time on yourself.

6. Make the first move.

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Another thing 2020 has taught us is that life is short and fragile, so we should make the most of it. Taking control of your love life means being empowered to make the first move — which can be a nerve-wrecking yet liberating experience.

Having the confidence to go after what you want means that you'll waste less time on 'ifs', 'buts' or 'maybes'. So ladies, if you've never asked someone out, give it a go. And hey, you might even get a great date out of it!

7. Invest in your friendships.

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Our friends are often our biggest support system. They share in our happiness and heartbreak, and give advice whenever we need it. Investing in growing new friendships and maintaining old ones will expose you to new ideas and ways of being.

The kinds of relationships we have with our friends is also often reflected in romantic relationships, so deepening your friendships is a great way to practice the kind of open, loving relationships you'd like to foster in your love life.

8. Spend more time on your hobbies.

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As kids, we all had different hobbies and interests we'd engage with all the time — like drawing, doing sports or reading. As adults, we often get caught up in the busyness of our lives and spend less time on leisure activities.

Going back to things we used to love as kids, or trying out activities we're curious about, is a great way to enrich our lives — as well as facilitate opportunities to meet new, like-minded people. Whether it's taking up a pottery class, joining a team sport or going to a niche meet up, spending time doing things that bring you joy may cause a shift in your values and demeanour, and maybe even lead you to meeting someone special!

9. And finally, be gentle with yourself.

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Dating can be fun, nerve-wrecking, exhilarating, disappointing — and often, many of these all at the same time!

As you might experience a rollercoaster of emotions, remember to be kind to yourself. Don't put too many expectations on yourself about finding someone within a certain timeframe, or going on a few dates and not clicking with anyone — remember that every experience is good practice, so don't sweat it!

Bumble is the dating app that empowers women to make the first move. Download Bumble to take control of your love life in 2021.