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We Set Up Virtual Dates All Over the Country - and You Can Watch

Dating is definitely not cancelled. But how does it even work now? BuzzFeed and Bumble are here to show us, and it turns out it’s changed less than you might think.

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Human connection is more important than ever. So we joined forces with our pals at Bumble to watch first Bumble dates all across the country.

Like you, most people hadn’t been on a virtual date before. But they were excited to connect with someone.

We learned that a virtual first date has perks an IRL hang doesn’t.

Our Bumble matches appreciated the safety of having a first date in their own space. Without the distractions of the real world, some people said they actually had better conversations and felt more at ease. You get what we mean if you’ve ever worried your body language might communicate the wrong signals. Not only will you relate to this kind of relief, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how comfortable virtual dating feels!

It turns out a lot of first date rules still apply.

So that means you already know how to do this. And OK, small talk might always be a little awkward. But fun activities and smart questions should still be included in your plans. We gave each Bumble pair a challenge — like having a living room picnic or mini fashion show — to help break the ice. Feel free to steal some of our ideas. If you get stuck, you can always bring up Tiger King. Or duck out to pour yourself a mug of wine. It’s your house. You can do what you want.

We had so much fun with our new friends, and we’re pumped that so many people get to watch these matches hit it off.

Virtual Connections lets us skip the line and go straight to the dating Very Important Problems room.

Translation: Can you talk to this person? Can you make each other laugh?

Dating without changing out of your pajama pants is just frosting on the cake. (Or a mini moon bounce in the backyard!)