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11 Unexpected Combinations We Could Never Imagine Apart

Yes, they may seem an odd pairing, but we can all agree they're better together.

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3. Silence and Discos

Underbelly Limited (CC BY - SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: underbellyltd

Think about it! No, really think about. These two are polar opposites, yet you will definitely spend all night trying to get in to a silent disco. You will, we all know it.

9. Phones and Everything They Do / Via

Seriously, 20 years ago, if someone had said, "Hey, your tiny little mobile phone will be your world map, music player, camera, boarding pass, debit card, and so much more," you would've said, "You're crazy mate."

Now, we use them for everything – besides actually making a call.

Sometimes the unlikeliest of things are better together – just like Bulmers Cider's #LiveColourful Live campaign, bringing grime, soul, and classical music together. Check it out below:

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#LiveColourful with Bulmers.