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    23 Points Of Proof That All Children Have A Little Bit Of The Devil Inside Them

    Tiny harbingers of chaos. All of them.

    1. First of all, there's this kid, whose TV privileges are about to be HELLA revoked:

    2. Then there's this kid, who apparently couldn't just take a normal-ass bath:

    3. This kid has no idea they just ruined EVERYTHING:

    4. And this kid, who isn't the least bit sorry:

    5. These kids know not what they do — or so they claim:

    6. This kid, who insists she just wanted to spruce the place up a bit:

    7. This kid, who is honestly just straight-up proud:

    8. These lil monsters, who seem to know they're having way too much fun:

    9. And these kids, who aren't even bothering to act like this isn't THE BEST TIME OF THEIR LIVES:

    10. This kid, who claims they're just spending quality time with the family dog:

    11. These kids, who are pretty sure this is how you feed a dog:

    12. This kid, who won't asked to take over family photo responsibilities any time soon:

    13. And this kid, who has absolutely zero regrets:

    14. These kids are just trying to make working from home a little more fun...

    15. And these kids are pretty sure this is how you do work, anyway...

    16. This kid is basically a Home Alone protagonist in the making:

    17. And this kid is happy to announce that they've found a very convenient storage space for all of their books!

    18. These kids could definitely grow up to be avant-garde artists one day:

    19. And this kid is just done waiting. They're done.

    20. This kid is tryna bat those eyelashes at us but WE'RE NOT FALLING FOR IT:

    21. And these kids swear that it wasn't their fault...

    22. While this kid is just trying to make the most of her sticker book...

    23. Meanwhile, some kids just truly want to see the world burn.

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    This post was translated from French.

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