These 18 American Snack Foods Are So Great That French People Are Literally Ordering Them Online

    And to think you've been taking Snapple for granted all this time.

    BuzzFeed France asked readers about their favorite American snack foods and drinks that they usually have to resort to ordering online; here's a roundup of their favorites!

    Note: Responses have been translated from French and edited for clarity.

    1. Reese’s candy

    2. Snapple beverages

    3. Pop-Tarts

    4. Teddy Grahams

    5. Peanut Butter M&M’s

    6. Hostess cupcakes

    7. Nutter Butter cookies

    8. Lucky Charms cereal

    9. Jell-O

    10. Marshmallow Fluff

    11. Dr. Pepper

    12. Shredded Wheat cereal

    13. Root beer

    14. Trader Joe's Sea Salt Butterscotch

    15. Smucker's grape jelly

    16. Hershey's chocolate bars

    17. Hostess Twinkies

    18. Rainbow Nerds

    This post was translated from French.