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14 Photos Of How Americans Imagine France Vs How It Actually Is

Every apartment has a view of the Eiffel Tower, right?

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1. Here's how every American imagines Paris:

Anyaberkut / Getty Images

But then there's the reality:

2. How Americans imagine the Parisian subway:

Instagram: @minolta88

The reality:

BBC / Via

3. How Americans imagine French gastronomy:

Instagram: @yueky_

The reality:

Fleury Michon / Via

4. How Americans imagine French television:

INA / Via

The reality:

5. How Americans imagine the Parisian bistros:

Instagram: @parisrehberi

The reality:

6. How Americans imagine French universities:

Instagram: @taniavmestre

The reality:

Gongashan / Via Flickr: yanncb92

7. How Americans imagine protests in France:

Universal Pictures / Via

The reality:

Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

8. How Americans imagine French fashion:

Yves Saint Laurent / Via

The reality: / Via metro-boulot-photo.tumblr.comête-survêtement-tacchini-pour-les

9. How Americans imagine an apartment in Paris:

Sony Pictures / Via

The reality:

10. How Americans imagine French villages:

Motimeiri / Getty Images

The reality:


11. How Americans imagine the French countryside:

Andyblind / Via

The reality:

Le Progrès / Via

12. How Americans imagine French cinema:

Les Films Concordia / Via

The reality:

Pathé / Via

13. How Americans imagine how the French pass the time:

Instagram: @hannahclarksut

The reality:

La Morue en fête / Via

14. Where Americans think the French go grocery shopping:

Purestock / Getty Images

The reality:

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