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    33 Reasons To Stay The Hell Out Of Quebec

    Those poor Québécois! :(

    1. Have you heard that Quebec is gorgeous?

    Bakerjarvis / Getty Images

    Monroe lake in the Mont Tremblant National Park.

    2. That everyone needs to see it before they die?

    Denis Grenier / Via Flickr: grenier

    Mont Tremblant National Park

    3. Forget it.

    Dominique Cappronnier / Via Flickr: photopaname

    4. Quebec is awful.

    Mirceax / Getty Images

    The Laurentides

    5. There's nothing exotic about it.

    Denis Grenier / Via Flickr: grenier

    Mont Tremblant National Park

    6. It's suffocating.

    Denis Grenier / Via Flickr: grenier

    Montagne d'Argent climbing and hiking park

    7. It's all concrete. There's no green. No beauty.

    Denis Grenier / Via Flickr: grenier

    Mont-Tremblant National Park

    8. No relaxing views.

    Denis Grenier / Via Flickr: grenier

    Boisbriand nature center

    9. And the sunsets are really underwhelming.

    Denis Grenier / Via Flickr: grenier

    Montagne d'Argent climbing and hiking park

    10. The skies are really underwhelming in general. Nothing stunning about them at all.

    Gino Carrier / Via Flickr: ginocarrier

    11. Especially when they're spoiled by those hideous Northern Lights.

    titom-666 / Via Flickr: titom666


    12. But the cities are even worse.

    barnyz / Via Flickr: 75487768@N04

    Montreal, Quebec

    13. The houses have absolutely no charm.

    AILAFM / Via Flickr: ailafm

    Le Plateau, Montreal, Quebec

    14. There's no sense of history.

    Massimiliano Pieraccini / Getty Images
    Pierrette Guertin / Getty Images

    Quebec Parliament Building in Quebec

    15. No sense of heritage.

    Neil Howard / Via Flickr: neilsingapore

    Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal

    16. Nothing worth visiting.

    abdallahh / Via Flickr: husseinabdallah

    Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

    17. And if you thought Montreal was bad, you're going to hate Québec City.

    Wolrabp / Getty Images

    Château Frontenac in Quebec

    18. It's abysmal in the autumn.

    Jean-francois Aubin / Getty Images

    Québec City

    19. And it's even worse in the winter.

    Pixel / Via Flickr: pixel1949

    Parc des Moulins in Quebec

    20. Somehow, there's even less charm in Québec City than there was in Montreal.

    Chun Yip So / Via Flickr: chunso

    Royal plaza in Quebec

    21. And it's bleak and scary at night.

    Steve Leclerc / Via Flickr: steveqc

    Notre-Dame-des-Victoires in Old Quebec

    22. One is not at all inclined to stroll down the streets when Christmas is approaching.

    Vladone / Getty Images

    Québec City

    23. There's no art scene.

    http://m.a.r.c. / Via Flickr: mabi


    24. The streets are gray and dull. Everything looks the same.

    Andre Vandal / Via Flickr: avdezign


    25. And Quebec is totally shut off to other cultures.

    Robyn Hall / Via Flickr: bibliorobyn

    Chinatown, Quebec

    26. It's boring. There's no night life.

    Matias Garabedian / Via Flickr: mateeas

    Montréal en Lumière Festival

    27. And you'd never want to live there. It's like living in hell.

    Klod / Getty Images

    Lac-Mégantic, Quebec

    28. What terrible lives they all must lead.

    Pack-shot / Getty Images

    Percé Rock

    29. Moreover, the Québécois have no culinary experience.

    Patrick Donovan / Via Flickr: 21843970@N00


    30. Yuck!

    Olivier H / Via Flickr: olivierh

    St-Viateur Bagel & Café in Montreal

    31. Have some respect for yourself. Never go to Quebec.

    Jean-Pierre Bluteau / Via Flickr: turkian


    32. It's worthless.

    Normand Gaudreault / Via Flickr: 95930823@N08

    Chicoutimi river

    33. Completely worthless!

    Ostill / Getty Images

    Sacacomie lake

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