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    22 Pictures That Show The Differences Between Engineering And Liberal Arts

    These are two very different worlds.

    1. Fashion for liberal arts students:

    Fashion for engineering students:

    2. Homework for liberal arts students:

    Homework for engineering students:

    3. Reading for Liberal Arts students:

    "Reading" for Engineering students:

    4. Grades for liberal arts students:

    Grades for engineering students:

    5. A typical liberal arts class:

    A typical engineering class:

    6. A liberal arts student's calculator:

    An engineering student's calculator:

    7. Practical work for a liberal arts student:

    Practical work for an engineering student:

    8. An essay draft for liberal arts students:

    An essay draft for engineering students:

    9. Hobbies for liberal arts students:

    Hobbies for engineering students:

    Experimentboy2 / Via

    10. A bibliography for a liberal arts student:

    A bibliography for an engineering student:

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