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14 Discoveries You’ll Make Once You Move In With An S.O.

Nothing will ever be the same again – and it's great. All of life’s big decisions should come with a healthy trial period. That's why Buick now offers a 24-hour test drive on all models.

1. Once you move in with an S.O., you won't go out as much anymore. / Via

Because stay-at-home dates are cheaper, chiller, and way more relaxing tbh.

2. You'll quickly learn who the clean one is (if you didn't know already).

Andy Ryan / Getty Images

But that’s OK, because once you establish who has which traits, you can live in better harmony with one another.

3. And you'll also share the horrible burden of chores.


Because everyone hates doing the dishes, but it's a logical truism that someone hates doing the dishes more.

4. Once you move in with an S.O., you'll become sort of inseparable by default.

5. And you'll become the star of their social media presence.

Courtesy of Annabelle Nyst

Everyone knows Insta is the highest form of flattery.

6. You'll bicker over the little things.

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But you grow stronger as a couple when you reach a consensus...or you'll develop a complex system of bribery and bartering.

7. But you will also become each other's therapists.


It’s the most incredible feeling in the world to receive unconditional support. This will inspire you to be a coach and confidant for your partner.

8. And you'll uncover a host of talents big and small they were hiding away from you.

9. Once you move in with an S.O., you'll start watching shows you would never watch on your own.

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But be honest: They grow on you. Broadening your horizons is good, and no matter what you’re binging, swapping fan theories is the best part.

10. You'll see your S.O. for the human they are...flaws and all.

But you'll soon find there's something irresistible about them when they think you aren’t watching. It's not the public front, but the person underneath who you fell for in the first place.

11. And the intimacy you share will reach a whole new level.


But with this intimacy comes a new level of comfort. Sharing is caring, after all.

12. Once you move in with an S.O., the journey truly becomes the destination.

13. You will change for each other.


Even the most ingrained habits aren't safe, and this is actually great because it helps you grow into a more conscientious and self-actualized human.

14. But the most important discovery you'll make is that life goes on after you move in with an S.O. — but now it's a life you literally live together.


All of life’s big decisions should come with a healthy trial period.

The Buick 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive lets you try a Buick for a full 24 hours. All big decisions need a little time. Go ahead and take yours.