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    • budwheizzah

      Wow, what a terrible article!
      Couldn’t be any more DEAD wrong.  Point one: It feels like only 5 mins have gone by and Artax is already drowning. Wtf? Slow? We’re not seeing the same movie.
      Two: beats shitty animatronics and it’s way less distracting than today’s overdone CG characters. More believable.
      Three: Yeah it’s called despair. Look into it. Maybe you’ve been pampered too much in life. It’s despair and it’s well portrayed.
      Four: You’re the creepy one for thinking that.
      Five: Yes, it’s not disney movie with cheap plotlines. Despair. Look into it again.
      Six: Seriously you must have something against this movie. You’re not even lenient on “The Nothing” having some form of boundary or transition.
      Seven: We’d agree on this one but for different reasons. Yes it’s cut short but as a kid I remember this moment terrifying me… so possibly the briefness of it was to soften the scene a bit. Also that this movie was not going to be about fighting villains in the first place.
      Eight: I disagree. By the time he does it you’re at the point where you wanted to leap into the screen and hold the little kid up to the window so he screams her a new name. It’s a frustrating scene and it’s excellent as it is.
      Nine: You do know some will willingly play the theme song outside of the context of the movie just to hear it, right? Yeah it’s catchy and it’s good.  So as an adult I’ve found this one movie to be part of the short list of watchable childhood movies. It held up great, the effects are credible and the story feels just as fantastic.

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