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15 Reasons Why Amateur Football Is The Pinnacle Of Sport

You know what? It just is. For these reasons and more, Sunday league and the legions of hobby footballers everywhere are the true superheroes.

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2. The rubbish boots.

Flickr/Nadia308 (CC BY-SA) / Via Flickr: nadiapriestley

Anyone can sprint in those laser-cut, space-age cleats the pros wear. What really sorts the men from the boys is a pair of broken black leather boots that fill up with water like two sponges every time it rains.

3. The no boots at all – sometimes.

Y2jimbob / Getty Images / Via

We've all had to play in trainers at some point, and no one enjoys it, but even the audacity to do it puts its patrons head and shoulders above the rest.

4. The fat bellies.

Ümit Büyüköz / Getty Images / Via

See, the trouble is with pro footballers these days is that none of them ever look like they've had a pie. Having players that all look like they live/breathe pie is an important part.

5. The emphasis on the, um, "individualism".

Fuse / Getty Images / Via

Everyone loves dribbling, right? You've never seen so much intricate dribbling as when a slightly gangly winger two years younger than everyone else holds onto the ball for five minutes on a cold Thursday night down at the 8-a-side in Aston.

6. The terrible pitches.

Audio-science / Getty Images / Via

Who among us has played on a pitch where not only both penalty boxes were filled with sand but it was also littered with large holes that might as well have "Enter ye fellows, ankle snaps here" scrawled on 'em? *everyone raises their hand*

8. The brilliant kits.

Thomas Northcut / Getty Images / Via

You are your own master and you fancy an orange kit with random white bits all over it then you're going to get a damn orange kit with damn random white bits all over it.

9. The idiot teammates.

Jupiterimages / Getty Images / Via

You can guarantee that whoever the England captain is now hasn't had to play with a sleepy right-back with dodgy knees and a tendency to not so much "switch off" as to "implode" for quite some time.

10. The pretty much entire lack of rules half the time.

Ipggutenbergukltd / Getty Images / Via

How's "having a referee who has decided that he's just going to let every foul go because he's had a rough morning" for purity?

13. The (lack of) warm-up.

Ximagination / Getty Images / Via|Adult|67257|Age/f=CPIHV/p=3/s=DynamicRank

"I don't need to do no warm-up, mate. That's just a waste of time. I could be eating leftover pizza or loudly berating managers on a football radio call-in."

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