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12 Totally Epic Things We Need To Have In Every City

Did you ever dream of what your perfect city would have? Bud Light is building out a dream town for three days where anything can happen, and you can go! Live your dreams by proving you're #UpForWhatever and auditioning here.

1. Hamster balls instead of cars. / Via

Only time this wouldn't be epic is when you're caught air guitaring like a maniac.

2. Aquatic blobs in public ponds and lakes.


Happiness is using your friend's body to launch yourself 20 feet in the air before landing in cool water.

3. Mandatory weekly 3 p.m. dance parties.

Courtesy of Sara Wass Photography / Via

Like flash-mob style where, at 3 p.m. every Wednesday, people pour out onto the street and dance for three full songs.

4. Hammocks hung between city trees. / Via

Post up, kick back, and rejuvenate before your next appointment.

5. Trampoline floors.


Hard not to be in a good mood when you're practically bouncing and skipping along everywhere.

6. Massive tree houses in parks.

Sam Camp / Getty Images

Equipped with relax pads, reading nooks, board games, and lookout posts so you can always fuel your imagination.

7. Bowling alleys in actual alleys.


They're called bowling alleys for a reason, right?

8. Sticky walls on city buildings.


blah blah blah ~safety regulations~ blah blah blah โ€” just make it happen and let us dream!

9. Public trash-cleaning robots.


A clean city street makes a clean state of mind.

10. A town square with snow machines.

20th Century Fox / Edward Scissorhands / Via

Imagine a city square that blasted artificial snow when it got about 100 degrees? You could walk in a winter wonderland in literally any season!

11. Solar-powered spin classes that generate disco lights.

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

They're already spinning away... Why not utilize their power to unleash the ultimate disco dance party?

12. Subway systems made from pneumatic tubes. / Via

They had them in futuristic cartoons, and we demand them in our future cities, OK?

In Whatever, USA, all your wildest dreams can come true.

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