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11 Tiny Towns That Are Known For Something Incredible

The smallest towns do the biggest things. Whatever, USA is known for throwing the best party in history, so definitely audition to join us when we create a town this year. Just make sure you're #UpForWhatever.

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3. Terlingua, Texas


With only a population of one football team, this town is home to the first chili cook-off in human history and has hosted two annual cook-offs every year since. Welcome to the chili cook-off capital of the world!

4. Sturgis, South Dakota


If you fancy yourself a bike enthusiast, you may want to pop over to the tiny town of Sturgis. This area boasts the most motorcycle owners per capita and even holds an annual festival to celebrate it.

5. New Providence, New Jersey


The next time you're at a party and you catch yourself admiring the beautiful glow-in-the-dark accessories everyone is wearing, make sure to tip your hat in the general direction of New Providence, New Jersey: birthplace of the glow stick.

7. Lowell, Idaho


Thrill-seekers may be aware of this nearly uninhabited town. The Lochsa River, located in Lowell, Idaho, features some of the country's most advanced white-water rafting courses. Buckle up, everyone.

8. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina


You might travel down to Kitty Hawk for the warm beaches, good food, and endless sunlight, but did you know that this little town is the birthplace of human flight? That's Wright!... Sorry.

9. Faribault, Minnesota


Next time you find yourself at a water park, cooling off from the summer heat, make sure you offer a silent thank-you to the town of Faribault, Minnesota, home to the inventor of the water slide!

Whatever, USA is the town to find the most spontaneous fun.

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