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11 Dream Jobs You Never Knew You Wish You Had

Because work shouldn't be so work-y. Need to get away from your job? Bud Light is creating a real town this summer, and you can go for three days of unexpected fun. Are you #UpForWhatever?

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1. Water Slide Tester / Via

Interested in high speeds, getting wet, and casual attire? Perhaps water slide testing is right for you!

2. Penguinologist

3. Hotel Bed Warmer

ToolBee / Via

Yup, you read that correctly. In 2010, a hotel chain in the UK provided guests with the option of a warmed bed. To do this, the hotels hired employees to sleep in beds until they reached 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Chocolate Taster

Because somebody needs to get paid to eat delicious chocolate all day, and that somebody could be you!

5. Panda Keeper

Mou Ippo / Via

Yes, that is a red panda. Being a red panda keeper would also be perfect. Who doesn't want to feed and play with pandas all day?

6. Brewmaster

There's certainly a lot of science behind beer making, but like any fine craftsman, brewmasters must always sample their product to ensure its drinkability.

7. Furniture Tester

8. Scuba Diving Instructor

Animal Planet / Via /

Because swimming with the fishes can be an amazingly rewarding thing.

9. Pick-Up Artist

Iron-man01 / Via

Are you extra confident and regularly successful with the opposite sex? Why not make it a profession?

10. Elephant Dresser

anselmbe / Via

Sure, tailoring a gown to perfectly fit a four-ton beast is no easy task, but spending your time with beautiful fabrics and holy elephants is pretty awesome.

11. River Guide / Via beernbiccies /

If high speeds, getting soaked, and rushing rapids are your thing, river guiding is a pretty sweet way to meet new people and spend time in nature.

The Mayor of Whatever, USA

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This guy's got it all: two-trick ponies, mad magic skills, and a boatload of Bud Light. Would you like to join the Mayor in Whatever, USA? Audition now at