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10 Date Ideas That'll Take Your Game To The Next Level

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...try dinner up in the air!

If you thought eating outside was cool, you're about to have your mind blown. about making s'mores at a bar?

Feel like a kid again in the most adult way when you and your date hit up a bar that offers drinks AND s'mores.

...try riding bikes at sunrise!

We'll be honest: You may NEED coffee for this date, but getting coffee as a date is old news. Be really romantic and go for an invigorating bike ride on the empty streets at sunrise.

6. ...try taking surfing lessons!

Ice skating is cute, sure, but you don't want your date to see you as cute. Try a very challenging extreme sport like surfing to really strengthen your bond. (Bonus: You can see your date in their bathing suit.)

...go see an interactive play instead!

Jenny / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 8714491@N05

Sure, shows are fun, but take it up SEVERAL notches with an interactive play like Sleep No More. You'll be spooked, turned on, confused, and very happy to see your date at the end of it.

...drink in style on a boat!

Nothing says romance like a body of water.

...but human bowling is epic!

Bet you never thought about getting IN the bowling ball. We promise this is much more exciting, and it's hard to care if you're losing when you're flipping upside down.

...get a little crazy at a shuffleboard bar!

Beer + giant shuffleboard = a really fun night (and no pouty children interrupting you).

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