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12 Dance Moves You Should Definitely Try This Weekend

Who said that dancing was just for DA CLUB?! You should express yourself anyplace, anytime, because you were YOLO before YOLO was cool. If you're truly #UpForWhatever, audition to access Whatever, USA, Bud Light's epic town of unexpected fun.

1. The Treadmill Twirl

Work out and twerk out.

2. The Bass-Drop Cane Drop

For when you're just doing you, and you realize nothing โ€” ABSOLUTELY NOTHING โ€” can hold you back!

3. The Bleacher Boogaloo

A party of one is still a party.

4. The Flop 'n' Hop

Find your favorite chair and go cray.

5. The Fancy Flop 'n' Hop / Via

Same as above, but in your best black-tie attire.

6. The Twist and Shuffle

Make them drop their jaws when you show off your skills... and then some.

7. The Go Your Own Way

You're allowed to celebrate silently when your ex finally realizes what they lost.

8. The Stranger Smack 'n' Bump

Because the world is your dance floor, and everyone in it is your partner.

9. The Mop 'n' Grind

Who doesn't pretend like there's a paying audience watching you when you're cleaning around the house?

10. The Front-Row Ticket

The world is your stage and whoever you're in front of is lucky enough to have a front row ticket.

11. The Hillbilly Two-Step

Swing yer partner round 'n' round.

12. The Seize the Meowment / Via

Get on up! Shake yo' tail!

There's no shortage of dancing at Whatever, USA.

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