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10 Ways To Throw The Wildest Party On The Block

Unsurprisingly, it involves music, pizza, and Bud Light. Want to check out the wildest party in America? Head to to check out Whatever, USA, the town Bud Light created for three days of epic fun.

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1. Be sure to do a thorough cleaning before guests arrive.

2. Remember a party isn't really a party if it doesn't have Zorbs.

3. Provide adequate party lighting.

4. Keep in mind there is no such thing as "too much decorating."

5. Ostrich racing is reportedly great at parties.

6. Learn how to serve pizza as epically as possible.

7. Dolphins make for great entertainment.

8. Hire a dope DJ.

9. If you're going to have bowling, it better be some next-level bowling.

10. Party hard, OBVIOUSLY.

Party like they did at the awesome town Bud Light created, Whatever, USA!

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Bud Light hosted three days of unexpected awesomeness, and you can check it out here:!