The 10 Most Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Friends

While you could ride solo all summer, why would you want to? Enjoy some Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Ritas and these carefree summer activities with your crew.

1. Urban Canoeing

Ayse Muge Askin / Via

See the sights, get a workout, splash around with your buds - what more could you possible want out of an afternoon?

2. Flash Mobbing

Rock Your Box / Via

Take over a park with your friends and dance like a fool. Find out where they’re happening near you here.

3. Blow Up Sumo Wrestling

What’s more fun than gently beating up your friends?

4. Having A Water Balloon Fight

@_ShelbyLee_ / Via

They’re so fun to jiggle, no?

5. Organize a Wiffleball Tournament

Lauren Dobson / Via

May the best wiffler win!

6. Hula-Hooping

Work it, twirl it, do what you will, just try not to bump into each other while in motion.

7. Hunting for treasures at the flea market.

Lindsey / Via

You never know what you might find!

8. Going On An Exploratory Bike Ride

You can explore your hometown’s every knook and cranny and get exercise all at once when you set out on bikes with friends.

9. Doing A Food Truck Crawl

Judson White / Via

Take a culinary tour of the world in open air!

10. Hitting The Amusement Park

It’s great when you have friends with you to watch you cry.

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