14 Easy Steps To Ruling The Beach This Summer

Friends + water + sun, what more could you ask for? Check these tips for how to have the best time, every time you head to the beach. And try something new this summer, like a Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita.

1. Do: Build a bonfire to stay warm and roast marshmallows once the sun sets.

Aldo Quintino / Via instagram.com

2. Don't: Bring the dogs without checking the beach's rules first.

Prelon Katschman / Via instagram.com

3. Do: Pack plenty of beach blankets and a few extra Straw-Ber-Ritas, you never know who might tag along.

alisonbudzynski / Via instagram.com

4. Don't: Bring your nice sunglasses with you, you know there's a cemetery for those in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

Chris J. / Via Flickr: chrisjones

5. Do: Bring food in resealable containers so it doesn't get super sandy in between snack sessions.

Rhiannon Lee Shine / Via instagram.com

6. Don't: Wear your skimpiest bikini. When you hit the waves, you'll be asking for trouble.

paigeallyse / Via instagram.com

7. Do: Bring koozies for your drink. You wont get your drink mixed up with your friend's, and they float on water! Win/win.

Jalys Mabry / Via instagram.com

8. Don't: Blast your summer playlist so loud no one around you can hear themselves think. Please?

Emilio Labrador / Via Flickr: 3059349393

9. Do: Bring a shovel to build a moat to keep wind at bay, or just have fun building an epic sand castle.

Mike Baird / Via Flickr: mikebaird

10. Don't: Forget a first aid kit. You never know when someone might step on a sharp rock or other unwanted object.

stef_lott / Via instagram.com

11. Do: Bring a parasol to keep yourself and your guests shielded from the sun.

nekkar / Via instagram.com

12. Don't: Bring your hula hoop/juggling balls/tight rope to show off with. No one likes a show off.

Hannah / Via instagram.com

13. Do: Bring a gallon of water to rinse your sandy feet before getting back in your car/the subway.

julia stypayhorlikson / Via instagram.com

14. Don't: Be a grump about the sand. It's the beach, for crying out loud!

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