10 Unusual Summer Sports You Should Try Once In Your Life

Tubing? Yawn. Frisbee Golf? Boooring. After you’re done trying these new sports out, take a break and enjoy the fun new flavor of Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita.

1. Mud-Pit Belly Flopping

A true sport where skill overrules athleticism. The bigger the splash, the better.

2. Shopping Cart Racing

Make all your childhood dreams of zooming down grocery store aisles in a shopping cart come true on the open road with sopping cart racing. The best part? Your teammates are around to push you and keep you from toppling over. It’s a win/win.

3. Freestyle Canoeing

Regular ol’ canoeing is a snooze, so why not do some tricks and spins? Sure, it’s easier than it looks, but telling people you’re into freestyle canoeing sounds pretty cool.

4. Quidditch

Just like they play at Hogwarts, but without all that pesky magic getting in the way.

5. Toe Wrestling

If you’ve already mastered the art of declaring a thumb war, this sport’s gonna be for you. Just pick a referee, interlock toes, and may the greatest toes win.

6. Water Zorbing

Seriously, this wouldn’t be a “sports you should try” list without Zorbing in it. Water Zorbing has all the fun of being in a giant plastic ball, with added safety of being on water. What’s there to lose?

7. Segway Polo

Horses can be temperamental and a little stinky - this 21st century version of the classic sport of polo uses Segways for transportation on the field to a balancing challenge. Other popular variations use unicycles or bicycles.

8. Surfing with Dogs

This sport might take a little training, but what could possibly sound better than surfing with your best friend?

9. Hermit Crab Racing

Fine, so it’s not exactly a sport for you, but cheering on your own hermit crab as he saunters to the outside of the ring sounds like nothing but a good time.

10. Underwater Tennis

Too hot outside to sweat it out on the court? Take the ball and rackets down under with a refreshing round of underwater tennis.

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