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10 Unusual Summer Sports You Should Try Once In Your Life

Tubing? Yawn. Frisbee Golf? Boooring. After you're done trying these new sports out, take a break and enjoy the fun new flavor of Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita.

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2. Shopping Cart Racing


Make all your childhood dreams of zooming down grocery store aisles in a shopping cart come true on the open road with sopping cart racing. The best part? Your teammates are around to push you and keep you from toppling over. It's a win/win.

6. Water Zorbing


Seriously, this wouldn't be a "sports you should try" list without Zorbing in it. Water Zorbing has all the fun of being in a giant plastic ball, with added safety of being on water. What's there to lose?

7. Segway Polo


Horses can be temperamental and a little stinky - this 21st century version of the classic sport of polo uses Segways for transportation on the field to a balancing challenge. Other popular variations use unicycles or bicycles.