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11 Incredibly Inventive Tacos That Will Make You Say "Ay Dios Mío"

Taste buds = LIT. Wanna make these tacos even more bomb? Pair them with an ice-cold Bud Light Chelada.

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1. Chilorio tacos

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

This is the classic Northern Mexico taco: pork loin cubes; guajillo and ancho peppers; oregano; cumin; white vinegar; garlic; pork lard and water; and some chopped potatoes. Once this concoction hits the warm flour tortillas and is drizzled with a good Mexican salsa, you may just think you passed away and landed in heaven.

2. Flautas de barbacoa with salsa borracha

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

These flautas are all parts incredible: lamb meat cooked barbacoa-style rolled up in corn tortillas, then deep-fried and topped with salsa borracha, queso fresco, avocado slices crema, and a touch of sea salt. The salsa consists of chile pasilla, garlic, tequila, and salt (can we get a "damn"?).

3. Tacos de chicharrón en salsa verde

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

This taco's secret is in the salsa: Tomatillos and jalapeños are cooked and blended with onion, garlic, and salt. The chicharrón and potatoes are thrown into the salsa to absorb all that flavor...and the rest will be the most delicious story ever written (or shall we say "eaten"?).

4. Chile relleno tacos

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

If you need proof that good exists in this world, look no further than this chile relleno taco. The roasted poblano pepper is stuffed with some queso fresco, then covered with an egg-white batter, deep-fried, cut in half, and placed where it should always belong: in a soft corn tortilla. It's topped off with fresh tomato, onions, and crema. Add a touch of fresh sea salt and you'll basically orgasm.

5. Taco cambodia

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

This supreme-inspired taco is inspired by Asian cuisine and stacked up to perfection: It all starts with a bed of seasoned steamed rice, then a little ginger and a drizzle of spicy Cambodian curry, slow-cooked brisket, and, finally, some Asian pear and carrot slaw. The bold ingredients complement each other beautifully.

6. Taco de camaron

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

This taco's unusual ingredients don’t make sense by themselves, but put into taco shape, they become a poem in your mouth. The shrimp is marinated in tomato and chipotle and drizzled with a chipotle, cilantro, and citrus mayo. It's topped off with the most incredible veggie medley: beet, jicama, and carrot pickled in pomegranate molasses and balsamic vinegar. It's bomb paired with a Bud Light Chelada!

7. Cochinita tacos

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

To make cochinita, you gotta let pork marinate in an axiom-and-orange-juice mix for a few hours, then cover with banana leaves and place it in the oven for about four and a half hours until the meat just falls apart. If that process doesn't deserve a standing ovation, the flavor of this taco sure will.

8. Gringa

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

These are usually made with al pastor meat, but this taco replaces pastor with guajillo chile–marinated pork chops. Crusted mozzarella and gruyere wraps the pork, then it's all topped with some fresh cilantro and onions and — boom! — explosion of flavor in your mouth!

9. Parrillada tacos

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

This is a Mexican version of the Philly cheese steak...except WAY BETTER. You thin-slice sirloin steak and cook it along with sausage, bacon, onions, and roasted poblano peppers, then throw a good dose of shredded cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese into the mix. The final mash is so decadent and rich you'll wanna keep these flour tortilla tacos coming. A good roasted tomato and jalapeño salsa is the best way to dress 'em up.

10. Cholula tacos

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

For this taco, pork is marinated in white vinegar, onions, a lot of parsley, and some oregano. It’s chopped and served on warm pita bread with a chipotle, cinnamon, and clove sauce on top. Add some lime and JESUSCHRIST IT'S SO GOOD.

11. Tacos boludos

Federico Villaseñor for BuzzFeed

If Argentina had a national taco, this would be it. Flank steak is marinated in a Mexican lager or amber beer along with salt and pepper. The Argentinian part comes when you add the spicy chimichurri sauce, made with cilantro, garlic, oregano, parsley, red wine vinegar, and jalapeño. These tacos are perfect for a carne asada evening with your amigos!!!